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"Great selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles."
-Zach T.
"Awesome atmosphere!!! Great selections! Knowledgeable staff!!"
-Tiffany J.
“Amazing place love the people at atmosphere ”
- kandirehab
“Toker Friendly was a bit hard to find the first time, especially at night, but when you get there it's worth it. The atmosphere is relaxed, hip (not hipster), and comfortable. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable (shout out to Richard and Zach!) and we're helpful in finding me the right strains for my uses. The glass and accessories are of great quality and outstanding prices. Toker Friendly is now at the top of my go-to stores. I love this place! ๐Ÿ’š ”
- GowanKommando

“I just started coming here and having lived on the west side of the state with most of the dispensaries, this one is really good. The staff has always been helpful, friendly and they go out of their way to help which is great. They have helpful menus you can look at or they have it all right in front of you and up on the screens. I definitely recommend checking this shop out! Keep it up guys! ”
- DankMagician

“This place is amazing!! so much variety and the staff is super nice and helpful. ”
- Mvk1347


Sticky Budz - Pineapple Kush 
terps- 3.59%
CBD- 0.46%
Potency Total - 80.00%
Sticky Budz's BHO is consistent in quality and consistency. This sponge-like crumble backs a punch with a great mild terp flavor. Smooth on the nail with no residue. My new goto for crumble.

Lopez & Orr
THC- 70.00%
CBD- 0.4%
Potency Total - 70.04%
Green Crack, also refereed to as green kush is a potent sativa known for being earthy, sweet,  and with a dash of citrous to give you a wonderful light tasting oil perfect for a summer day! grown and processed by local legends Lopez and orr!
a must try for any connoisseur or beginner alike!
Kush Comfort Farms - RK8 (royal kush 8 gen ) 
CBD- 0.39%
Potency Total - 22.08%

RK8 aka royal Kush 8th generation!
this strain caught me off guard, i could only take a couple puffs before i had to set it down. This Surprised me as I am a Dabber and have a very high tolerance. The high was immediate and extremely effective, as well as lasting for several hours. I will Highly recommend this strain with a 5 star and a High ( pun intended ) Five!
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