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Craft Elixirs - Lavender Kush
THC - 69.05%
CBD - 15.09%
CBC - 2.1%
CBN - 0.07%
A outstanding product from Craft Elixirs!
it is gluten free, vegan, kosher, and absolutely no pesticides were used! using a organic sugar cane alcohol extraction, you can definitely taste the difference! With a taste that is reminiscent of a fine hash, and a high on par with any dab out there, these are one of our favorites!
Double Delicious - 10mg Indica Capsules
10 mg - 1 capsule
10 x capsules in  package
One of my personal favorite ways to consume, a very easy and discrete way to ingest without worry of standing out. The high is a wonderful mellow body high, setting in about an hour after consuming. make sure to wait before taking a second one to judge to tolerance at first. 10 mg worked perfect for my personal aches and pains as well as minor anxiety!
Cashmere Cannabis - White Rhino
THC- 72.07%
CBD- 0.31%
Potency Total -72.07%
White Rhino from cashmere! Just saying it give me tingles! One of my favorite oils to pass through the store for sure! A very clean and crisp pungent earthy smell, and a taste to match! The high is a perfect balance of indica and indica, if you lean twards the heavy highs that keep you in the couch, sign up for the white rhino express!
Sticky Budz - Lavender Kush
THC- 74.54%
CBD- 0.00%
Terps - 3.60%
Potency Total -89.50%
Awarded the dope cup for best wax concentrate, you cant go wrong with Sticky Budz Lavender Kush!
boasting a 89% potency and over 3%  terps, this will delight your pallet with a sweet floral taste and give you a classic indica high. From head to toe you will know, you just smoked out of the dope cup.
Experience Organics - Montana Silvertip
THC- 15.18%
CBD- 0.08%
Potency Total - 15.18%
Super Silver Haze crossed with Grand daddy Purple...AMAZING! Great head high, euphoric feeling from the super silver haze, and an amazing relaxing body high from the gdp, my all time favorite strain!
Phat-Panda  - OG Chem
THC- 26.50%
CBD- 0.29%
Potency Total - 26.79%
Boasting a linage of Chemdawg and OG Kush it is easy to see why this strain is so popular. With a very pungent diesel and lemon flavor you understand its name immediately.  Phat Panda has really brought out the best in this beautiful bud, turning up the thc to 26.50 it hits heavy, and will leave you in a comfortable hybrid state for hours to come!
Sticky Budz - Pineapple Kush 
terps- 3.59%
CBD- 0.46%
Potency Total - 80.00%
Sticky Budz's BHO is consistent in quality and consistency. This sponge-like crumble backs a punch with a great mild terp flavor. Smooth on the nail with no residue. My new goto for crumble.
Conscious Family Farms  - Gorilla Glue #4
CBD- 0.29%
Potency Total - 22.84
Conscious Family Farms has done it! one of the best renditions of gorilla glue #4 i have ever smoked. The smell of the bud is wonderful and gluey. upon picking the bud up, you will discover a sticky coating all over it. the taste of the smoke is amazing, with a very pasty/gluey taste that sticks on your tongue. Without a doubt this bud belongs on the highest of shelves!
Lopez & Orr - Green Crack
THC- 70.00%
CBD- 0.4%
Potency Total - 70.04%
Green Crack, also refereed to as green kush is a potent sativa known for being earthy, sweet,  and with a dash of citrous to give you a wonderful light tasting oil perfect for a summer day! grown and processed by local legends Lopez and orr!
a must try for any connoisseur or beginner alike!
Top Strains - Doctor Who
THC- 25.16%
CBD- 0.01%
Potency Total - 25.16%
With parents like "Mad scientist" and "Time-Wreck" you can expect to do some time traveling with this potent Strain. It has a Earthy base, and some sweet Citrus high notes, the taste of this bud will definitely stick with you.   The high off this 60/40 indica dominate hybrid is amazing,  you get  a deep relaxing indica high, with just enough sativa to keep you talkative wile you travel through time and space to the refrigerator.
Kush Comfort Farms - RK8 (royal kush 8 gen ) 
CBD- 0.39%
Potency Total - 22.08%

RK8 aka royal Kush 8th generation!
this strain caught me off guard, i could only take a couple puffs before i had to set it down. This Surprised me as I am a Dabber and have a very high tolerance. The high was immediate and extremely effective, as well as lasting for several hours. I will Highly recommend this strain with a 5 star and a High ( pun intended ) Five!
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